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Golf Glider is a family business with over three generations of experience in Design, Research & Development, Precision Engineering and manufacturing. Our team of design engineers are enthusiastic golfers, who have always been actively involved in the world of golf.

Twenty five years ago GOLF GLIDER was ahead of its time and even today continues to be improved by new technology, ingenuity and perseverance. The aim of our electric caddy has always been to heighten the enjoyment of the game.

GOLF GLIDER has been driven by a sustained belief that major improvements could be made through the use of new technology and materials. We were the first to incorporate a stainless steel drive axle. The chassis is formed from a single piece of aircraft quality aluminium, which is then T.I.G. welded for maximum strength and lightness.

Our designers have spent two years in research developing a totally safe microprocessor controlled drive module. This design has eliminated all mechanical switching, minimising any possible component damage, accidental or otherwise which also extends the battery life.

Most importantly, we at GOLF GLIDER pride ourselves on our friendly and efficient service. Our policy remains unchanged: MAKE IT BETTER.

Please note if you already have an electric caddy and would like to upgrade to a GOLF GLIDER, we can offer you a trade-in at our Dublin factory.

Happy golfing and Glide away, Best Wishes from the Staff of Golf Glider.